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NOTE: The game will have a weekly update from now on. the game will be playable around the 5th of march. after this it will still be updated on a regular basis :) (sorry about my english)

Operation Blindsight is a top-down stealth game. The objective is to complete your mission in your own way. You don't have to play stealth but you will get more score. The gameplay has been inspired by hotline miami and old metal gear games.


- WASD to move
- Mouse to aim
- Left mouse button to shoot
- Right mouse to pickup / throw weapons
- E to interact with console / to exit console
- Escape to quit
- R to reset the level

Upcomming features:

- enemy ai
- ui
- level select
- mission objectives
- and more

Added Features Alpha V0.2:

- Picking up and throwing weapons
- Interactable consoles and security cameras

Added Features Alpha V0.3:

- Ammo count shown in bottom left corner
- Indication that you can interact with objects
- Melee attacks and hands
- Hands hold guns "Propperly"
- Added a way to reset levels

- Build for Linux added (not tested I don't have linux)

Added Features Alpha V0.4:

- Main Menu and other navigation
- Xbox360 controller support
- Enemy AI (the basics)
- Sound mechanic (not actual sounds)
- Added a way to win/lose a level


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Operation Blindsight Alpha V0.3 Linux.zip 17 MB
Operation Blindsight Alpha V4.1.zip 11 MB
OperationBlindsight.zip 10 MB

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Interesting game, definitely needs to be worked on though. I absolutely love the concept, can't wait to see what you make of it.

Oh, and I have an idea for your game. When throwing weapons it should damage enemies, like in the gme Super Hot.

The plan is to knock out enemies when hitting them with thrown weapons. but thanks for the idea :)

Hello I've enjoyed playing this preview of your game, i like the style of it. I did a review of it along with some other TDS's 

Thank you very much for the review :) The goal is to have a playable game within 5 weeks from now. And after that there will be some improvements and maybe a graphics overhaul.